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Kicking Cancer the Yummy Way with Muffins by Nourishe

Lisa with Nourishe Gluten & Dairy Free MuffinsMeet Lisa! Lisa sent us an email yesterday with this headline. We've been chatting with Lisa for a while now and she gave us permission to share a little bit about her special dietary needs in the hopes it might help someone else struggling with the same challenges.

Lisa contacted us back in July about struggling to find tasty goodies to enjoy while undertaking a no iodine protocol. This means making sure to avoid any foods with iodine (it's a long list, believe it or not) and not consuming any iodine added salt. Most table salt sold in the US these days has iodine added and sea salt often has it naturally occurring. As you might imagine, it's been nearly impossible for Lisa to find any convenient options that taste good and fit her special diet.

Since we're a small company that makes all of our own products by hand, we were able to make a few tweaks to meet Lisa's needs. We were happy to help! For Lisa, we left the salt out altogether. However, since then, we've actually changed our formulation so that others needing no iodine can indulge as well.

Lisa made some substitutions in her preparation. Here's what Lisa told us....

Dear Nicole, I finally was able to bake the muffins last was great. Very easy. I actually forgot the salt in the cinnamon raisin ones but they still came out fantastic! Those were my favorite.

For the low iodine cancer radiation diet, I did the following with what could be easily found at stores-

  • Kosher non iodine salt
  • 100% egg whites
  • 100% coconut oil
  • Distilled water for the unsweetened coconut milk (you are supposed to use distilled on the diet)
  • 100% Madagascar vanilla

By the way, most almond milk you buy at the store has added salt.

I used paper muffin tins because that's all we could find in the store. I will use tin ones next time because they tend to stick to the paper too much with my substitutions. I think with my substitutions it would have been pretty hard to get them out of a pan - more so the chocolate ones - but if I had just followed the directions or sprayed with Pam it would have been perfect!

We are in awe of Lisa's strength and positive attitude. She reminds us of why we started Nourishe. We're hoping she'll share a blog post with you in the future.

If you have a special need, don't hesitate to contact us. We can't accommodate every situation, but we will always discuss it and see if it's feasible. We would want other companies to do the same for us! - Nicole


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