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Escape the Cold with a Taste of the Tropics

Gluten-free Baking Made Easy & DeliciousWith the weather so cold and overcast, I decided we needed to spice things up with a taste of warmer climates! Here is a recipe for a seriously delicious Pina Colada Carrot Cake that I made with our Nourishe Cinnamon Raisin Pecan mix. It's really, really easy. You can also use any carrot cake recipe you like. The unique thing about this cake is the frosting. - Della

Kicking Cancer the Yummy Way with Muffins by Nourishe

Lisa with Nourishe Gluten & Dairy Free MuffinsMeet Lisa! Lisa sent us an email yesterday with this headline. We've been chatting with Lisa for a while now and she gave us permission to share a little bit about her special dietary needs in the hopes it might help someone else struggling with the same challenges.






The Refined Palate of the Modern Day Cave Woman

Kicking and screaming I fell into the Paleo/Primal path of eating. Everyone who knows me knew that “Cuisine,” not just food, was very important to me. I am a “Foodie” and will always be one. I would ALMOST rather stay fat and sick than to eat food that was not splendid. Almost being the key word. I had no choice but to change everything I understood about food. I had to learn about food as fuel and not just as something to satisfy my appetite for sublime flavor. For someone who grew up in the restaurant business and spent the majority of my adult life in pursuit of gourmet dining experiences learning how to give up the rice and noodle dishes of my Chinese heritage, the wonderful artisanal breads that my husband had perfected in baking or the delicate French pastries found at the local patisserie was absolute torture. But I also understood that indeed my much loved foods would actually do me in because I was overweight, diabetic and also mildly gluten intolerant.

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