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Desperately Seeking “Comfort” Food Part II – Chicken & Dumplings by Della Adams

My all-time go to meal for warmth and comfort was a traditional Chicken & Dumplings. The sight and smell of a steaming bowl of goodness just warms my heart. But alas the traditional version is not exactly Paleo compliant and in fact it’s downright counter Paleo. What’s a good Paleo girl to do? Again; it’s cauliflower to the rescue.

Sometimes I Just Want a Sandwich

Gluten Free Hamburger Sometimes it’s the only thing that can satisfy my craving. How can something so simple as two pieces of bread book-ending some meat or vegetable, maybe some cheese and some sort of dressing be so enticing. I have found that I’m not the only person who feels this way. So many people in my circle of friends who have embraced the Paleo nutrition lifestyle feel the same way. I know because we talk about it ….. a lot.

Desperately Seeking “Comfort” Food

To me the idea of comfort food is not just a want but an actual need. Especially now that we are heading into the Fall season, a plate full of comforting goodness warms my heart. I know; I know I shouldn't look to food to fulfill me on an emotional level but it does. It always has and it always will.

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