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Pay it Forward


Often times in life we are blessed with the help from others. With our fitness transformation so many people have helped us along the way starting from our son introducing us to CrossFit and Paleo nutrition to coaches who have imparted tremendous amount of knowledge and inspiration to friends who have cheered us on and supported our efforts. None of us in this life do it all by ourselves. By helping a friend get a head start on a 30 Day Paleo/Sugar Detox Challenge and by showing how to plan a menu and by providing recipes my greatest hope is that he will be successful and achieve his goals. To be able to do this has actually been a blessing for me. It has given me the opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness with a friend.


I have thought for a long time about writing this piece. It might seem a little weird for a wife to write something like this about her husband. But that is how I see him, a hero; my hero. The word hero can mean many different things to many people. In the regular use of the word it usually means someone who has done something heroic, risking their life to save another life. But it can also mean someone who courageously overcomes great obstacles; never giving up or giving into the pain to achieve a goal.

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