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5 Ways to Stay On Track During a Road Trip

Feet - By Thomas Beck PhotoTaking a road-trip or going on vacation can seem like a great time to go off the wagon with your eating. I’ve been there many times. I always seem to justify it at the time…after all, I’m sampling the local cuisine, right??

Wrong. Read on to find out how to stay on track when you're away from home.

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How to Integrate Eating Clean into a Busy Life

Meal Planning for the WeekI get asked all the time how we have such fantastic meals and how we stay on our eating plan. The truth is, our meals are pretty simple and we plan ahead. Anyone who avoids almost all processed foods knows that it take a little more orchestration to get meals on the table – however, the taste and improved nutrition make it all worth it.

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The Refined Palate of the Modern Day Cave Woman

Kicking and screaming I fell into the Paleo/Primal path of eating. Everyone who knows me knew that “Cuisine,” not just food, was very important to me. I am a “Foodie” and will always be one. I would ALMOST rather stay fat and sick than to eat food that was not splendid. Almost being the key word. I had no choice but to change everything I understood about food. I had to learn about food as fuel and not just as something to satisfy my appetite for sublime flavor. For someone who grew up in the restaurant business and spent the majority of my adult life in pursuit of gourmet dining experiences learning how to give up the rice and noodle dishes of my Chinese heritage, the wonderful artisanal breads that my husband had perfected in baking or the delicate French pastries found at the local patisserie was absolute torture. But I also understood that indeed my much loved foods would actually do me in because I was overweight, diabetic and also mildly gluten intolerant.

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