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The Americans population grows fatter and sicker every year.  At Nourishe, we want to make it easier and tastier for people to live a healthy lifestyle and combat this alarming trend. 

Here are our beliefs and the principles on which we base our company and products - 

HEALTHY.  For us, healthy means eliminating grains, chemicals and processed food devoid of nutrients.  We avoid sugar, using it in its natural form for treats only. We don't use dairy in our products since so many people don't tolerate it well. We embrace meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit.  We source ingredients carefully, buying the best quality we can, including organic whenever feasible. 

EASY, CONVENIENT OPTIONS ARE NEEDED.  Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and eliminating foods like gluten and grains can be challenging because you can’t buy convenient packaged foods and what is available, doesn’t taste good.  We know this from first hand experience. This means a lot of cooking and a lot of experimenting.  Not everyone has the time or desire to do this.  Heck, sometimes even we don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen whipping something up.  

FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD, ESPECIALLY HEALTHY FOOD.  Somehow we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that eating healthy means viewing your food as fuel and accepting bland or blasé dishes.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  While food is fuel, our source of energy and our foundation for good health, we believe it should also taste wonderful and feed our souls  Liberate your inner foodie! 

PALEO/PRIMAL FRIENDLY.  There are many versions of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  All agree that grains, preservatives and chemicals should be avoided and that vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, nuts and seeds should be the mainstays of your diet.  After that, let the variations begin.  At Nourishe, we use some buckwheat and flax seed in our mixes.  Neither is a grain. For example, buckwheat is actually related to rhubarb.  We've also spent untold hours researching and testing sweeteners looking for the best options to minimize our recipes’ impact on blood sugar while staying close to nature.  We settled on coconut crystals and xylitol (which is made from the pulp of fruits, veggies and hardwoods).  

This is our ethos and approach.  If you like what we have to say, try our products!

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