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Artisan Loaf Bread Mix

by Nourishe Gluten, Grain & Dairy Free
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Finally a Paleo and Gluten Free Loaf Bread That Tastes Great!

Here it is, after 4 years of experimentation to find just the right combination of grain-free flours to create a bread that actually has the same great texture and amazing taste as bread from an artisanal bakery.  No more dry or eggy or cakey tasting bread that you HAVE to eat. This is a versatile, easy to make bread mix that produces a wonderful loaf bread with homemade taste that’s great for sandwiches, toasts up beautifully for breakfast, and can also be made into French-style baguettes, dinner rolls, and hamburger buns.

You say goodbye to lettuce wraps to eat burgers; you can have them on a fluffy bun instead. You don't have to settle for "not quite good" tasting gluten free or Paleo bread; you can have amazing tasting and great textured bread for your sandwiches.  Best of all it's super easy to make.  No kneading or pre-rising.  Just make the batter and bake. 

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